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Server Log

What are the next Steps, what has been Done, what are the important References and finally what should is still To integrate to this very page !


  1. migrate the content from
    1. seedea pmwiki
    2. NOT persowiki or other personal things
    3. stigmergylive dokuwiki
    4. must correct the old links with
  2. implement the log from ~/.history here
    1. make it usable for future migrations (cases to tick?)
    2. eventually automatize the process (especially with OVH SOAP API)
    3. change the welcome message to explain this good practice and what are the commands
      1. comment the on-going work with @@echo "<wikisyntax>explanation of the last command</wikisyntax>"
      2. c4w explanation of the last command)
  3. blinkenshell (try rsync[1])
    1. linker scripts
    2. irssi+config+...
  4. reconfigure software according to the new host
    1. wikis
    2. external APIs (Orange, etc...)
    3. linkers
    4. ?
  5. test that everything is working properly
    1. Start load monitoring tools (seems that OVH provide them by default)
    2. for the website
    3. StigmergyLive
    4. ?
  6. rebind from Gandi to to the new server
    1. binded to ..?
    2. make the failover IP bounce to
  7. Configure a profiling environment
    1. collectd to record
    2. RDD tools to draw graph but also to automatically gracefully degrade
  8. make cronjob for automated backup script
    2. improve the backup feed
  9. add own bots to IRC/IM for recordings (just a normal irssi client? with XML-RPC?)
  10. seriously reframe the security of my passwords scheme
    1. emails
    2. host
    3. dns
    4. websites
    5. own work
  11. integrate MyServer
    1. Tools#OnlineApps?
  12. Update the StrategicalDashboard to include monitoring information from
    1. the server itself
    2. perturbation in it's surrounding environment OVH Travaux RPS
    3. the Weathermap of the Network OVH (Europe)
  13. check performances
    1. Clés USB pr 1.20 € TTC vs SAN
  14. Study virtualization techniques (limiting what clients can run)
    1. OpenVZ[2][3][4]
    2. KVM
    3. vHost[5]
  15. updating
    1. apt-get update/upgrade of my system > rss feed


  1. Created a default user, local shortcut to its account
  2. used wget -rN ftp://user:pass@domain...
  3. installed lighttpd+php5 fast cgi ( originally from but decided to move to )
  4. configured them ( )
  5. removed the .flock file in wiki.d and changed permission to allow the web server daemon to write files ( )
  6. binded the domain name A record to the IP of the server
  7. set subdomain+urlrewrite ( )
  8. created a crontab to backup automatically
  9. write the successful backups as an RSS feed
  10. send the backup on a remote server (still done manually!)
  11. handle redirection with .htaccess+404page.php on the former host
  12. added the backport package repository to the list of sources
  13. set-up screen with a proper hardstatus line
  14. set-up a bitlbee server
  15. set-up a loggin IRC (and thus IM) client within a screen
  16. set-up an automatic listing of the current packages ( dpkg --get-selections )
  17. set-up an automatic upload of the backups to a remote server ( Quick and easy backup with lftp by Dmitri Popov on December 04, 2007 )
  18. added a .htaccess file to secure the backup
  19. added a crontab -l to backup the crontab list


  1. A Tutorial on Using rsync, 1999
  2. ENKI - Managed Cloud Computing - Choosing the right model for deploying your SaaS application to the Cloud : Part II on OpenVZ by Eric Novikoff, 2008
  3. OS Virtualization vs. Hardware Virtualization by Scott Dowdle, 2008
  4. OpenVZ Proxmox Virtualization - Why OpenVZ and not XEN for, October 2008
  5. Setting Up A Name Based Virtual Host (vHost) on redivide

Transition to the new server

  1. changing password
  2. recreating user
  3. moving user data
    1. scp ~user/.*
  4. starting communication tools with their configuration
    1. irssi?
    2. bitlbee?
    3. perl Net::Twitter?
  5. moving wiki data
  6. moving labs data
  7. installing environment
    1. lighttpd
    2. php
      1. pmwiki
    3. python
      1. supybot
  8. restarting backup mechanism

To integrate

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