T!Fabien Benetou

WebVR specialist

VR development, VR workshops

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  • Brussels

Proof of concepts (more than ~150)

Commercial project

  • NDA, December 2017
  • NDA, December 2017
  • Aquinas Training, December 2017
  • Aquinas Training, October 2017
  • NDA, July 2017
  • European Parliament, July 2017
  • NDA, March 2017
  • Aquinas Training, February 2017
Cimzia for UCB
Cimzia, an antibody molecule, invites you to travel through the human body. The installation ordered by UCB was featured for 3 days in a pharmaceutical conference in Belgium in September 2016 using 2 top of the line virtual reality headsets by HTC Vive. The experience was also showcased on A week of Aframe.
Get injected in the human body!
July 2016
September 2016

Guest speaker


  • to be announced


  • Austin WebVR Meetup, Austin December 2017
  • W3C Workshop on WebVR Content Authoring, Brussels December 2017
  • Codiax, Romania, November 2017

  • WebAR using Tango and ARCore, GDG DevFest, Brussels November 2017
  • WebVR - NYVR Expo, October 2017
  • WebAR, making augmented reality pervasive, NYVR Expo 2017
  • European Maker Week opening at the European Parliament, Brussels October2017
  • European Maker Week at Bozar, Brussels October2017
  • WebAR, making augmented reality pervasive, Brussels October2017
  • Mozilla Dev Roadshow Asia 2017

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Note that you can walk around using the WASD keys of your keyboard. It also works, obviously, in VR.

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