Fabien Benetou

WebVR specialist

VR development, VR workshops

  • BE 0652.664.401
  • Brussels

Commercial project

Cimzia for UCB
Cimzia, an antibody molecule, invites you to travel through the human body. The installation ordered by UCB was featured for 3 days in a pharmaceutical conference in Belgium in September 2016 using 2 top of the line virtual reality headsets by HTC Vive. The experience was also showcased on A week of Aframe.
Get injected in the human body!
July 2016
September 2016

Guest speaker

  • Introducing AFrame at WebVR Paris 1st Meetup, Mozilla Parils April 2017
    • video to come
  • WebVR panel at VR World Congress, Bristol April 2017
    • video to come
  • MozAloha, a brief summary: WebVR NYC Hackathon, December 2016
  • Live coding introduction to Aframe: WebVR NYC Hackathon, December 2016
  • Lessons from the W3C workshop and more: Be.VR December 2016
  • Utrecth Hackathon, May 2016
  • WebVR & 3D: JSLab, April 2016

Future or on-going VR projects

  • Hack Belgium Tech Experience Zone Workshop and Expert on WebVR, April 2017 Brussels, Belgium
  • Summit WVRF17, Workshop Web VR, 11-14 May 2017 Crans-Montana, Switzerland
  • Mozilla Dev Road Show, Amaze Berlin April 2017
  • Mozilla AFrame contributor cf https://aframe.io/community/#contributors
  • Storyboard VR (demo available on request)
  • PIMVR/PIMAR (demo available on request)

Previous VR projects

VR explorations in videos

Note that you can walk around using the WASD keys of your keyboard. It also works, obviously, in VR.

VR documentation