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personal/social loops of information and behaviors


  1. What?
  2. Why?
  3. and... why is it relevant?!
  4. Explicit result : public wiki, IRC channel
  5. Implicit result : new behaviors
  6. What's yet to come



  • frustration of classical non technological support, technological but private support, etc
  • information overload
    • multitasking does not cut it
  • cheaper cost of transaction
    • collaboration is easier
  • perception of an "intimate web"

and... why is it relevant?!

  • establish a loop between personal and social
    • "I" personally manage my own life through
      • the tools made by others
      • the methods made by others
  • because "nodes" are starting to connect themselves

most of this shared online, on the web.

Explicit result : public wiki, IRC channel

Implicit result : new behaviors

  • online behaviors change offline behavior
    • (if there is still an "offline")
  • distributed cognition
    • hosted on multiple tools and places
  • delegated cognition
    • executed through a network of processes
  • emergence of "cognitive commons"
    • with the explosion of FLOSS bricks

What's yet to come

  • limited access to identified user to parts of PIMs
  • more machine learning techniques
    • requiring us to understand what bias designers had
  • integration and usage of OpenData
  • "politics of cognition" modified on a daily basis ?
  • scientific PIM, leveraging the scientific method, daily
  • ...
  • your ideas?

And maybe you participation to OurP.IM ;)