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A brief overview by popular demand ;)


Let's make it personal!


  1. Why?
  2. Explicit result : public wiki
  3. Implicit result : Integration
  4. Cool examples
  5. Safety
  6. Privacy
  7. Rules/heuristics
  8. What's yet to come


Explicit result : public wiki

Implicit result : Integration

Speed does matter when you repeat a task over, and over, and over...

Cool examples

One key to

  • search across the entire wiki |keyword
    • but also Google search across multiple wikis =keyword
      • and even just ( to search the selected text in them
  • person search >person_name (repeat last person search @p)
  • automatic link formatting with w
    • giving * [[URL|title]] selected text
  • % on selected text to search across my collection of read books

(even more) Cool examples

Generating feeds on

  • content I want to memorize
  • events I must prepare

Every piece of information is dated

* entire Web overlay of indexed pages


  • remote backups
  • boring so...
    • do it with the command line once
    • use that command with cron
    • improve with checksums
    • improve with automatic deletion of older backups
    • etc...

You will feel more relax, trust me.


  • local instance
  • once it's public, believe it will remain so.
    • indexing engines :,, ...
  • a two edged-sword game
    • the more you share, the more others can help you
    • the less you share, the less others can use that information against you

Know what you want to share, what you do not want to share.


  • perpetual Αλφα (live on the edge)
    • speed over idealized safety
    • yet safety net (cf backups)
    • it's a process not a product.
  • it's your, don't limit your design to what exists
  • keep it integrated and coherent
    • example of...this very presentation!
    • leveraging and leverageable.
  • links matter
    • if you can't keep it within your PIM, at the very least link from and to it
    • Path:/pub/

(yet more) Rules/heuristics

  • quantitative is nice
    • helps to remain "coldly" objective
    • way better than long-term memory (yes, we all have biases)
  • visualization is important
    • helps to recognize patterns of complex objects
  • don't repeat thoughts unless you want to
    • MemoryRecipe
    • have a local wiki (offline but with a computer)
    • have paper note books (no computer)
  • keep it scalable

What's yet to come