The wallet story The sad story of the wallet

Once upon a time in a beautiful Monday in America, during a sweet summer camp with 32 new children, a very men come in the camp, in the cuby room during the circle time, when all the teachers and children are busy. And he stole all the wallets ha can found in the teacher bag. My bag was in the cuby room and my beautiful brown wallet (who I bought in San Francisco during the last summer) was stolen.

But my passport is still in my bag, good news, I'll can come back home! Unfortunately my credit card, my driving licence, my french ID, my student card, my Vitale card, my small picture and 50$ disapear.

I also meat a real cop, berkeley agent police man and he gived me a small paper to prove the stole.

It was my first day in camp with the kids. A quite bad day. Tomorrow will be better. That's it.