Preparing the trip to Japan

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Creativity and it's cultural origins

Robotics and it's cultural origins

  • following the conference enjoyed in the College de France last year (add a link)
  • Study on worker availability vs e-worker
    • statistics on workers needs / capacity to build robots and the pace of production / fertality rate


  • Dojos? Culture?
  • Video by Henry Kono : Yin and Yang in Motion
    • "We always give out our center" (@0:17:03-0:17:28)
    • "You should be moving on your own orbit" (@1:01:01)
    • "This is the hardest thing : watch your own center" (@1:02:33)
    • "Nothing is different in Aikido from one technique to another.
      They are all the same.
      The outer form is different." (@1:28:06)
    • "Your physical weight doesn't change but you will get lighter. Your body movement will get lighter" (@1:31:09)
    • "He is telling me exactly where he is going to be.
      Even if he wanted to stop he can not stop when the movement starts.
      I am not unbalancing him.
      I am going to keep him so balance so he can not move also he is moving.
      This is the only way he can move." (@1:33:55-1:34:25)

Japanese language


  • Zen Garden north of Tokyo

Tips from friends

  • Angel : Tokyo (of course), Nara and Kyoto is my best prefer, because is a historycal cities, they are near, very near from each other. Osaka is nice too, and Nagoya is a big city. But you have to go to Kyoto, is beautiful and have studios of Samurai movies, parks, a lot of things.