A relationship is alive, you need to nurture it. This page is dedicated to organize what really matters to have the best time you can hope for with the person you want to share it with.


  1. challenging sex
    1. physical attraction always stimulated
      1. exercising
      2. dress fittingly
      3. proper use of language/expressions/manners according to the situation
    2. encouraging sex imagination
      1. never confine sex in the same place
      2. remember that the thought of sex can be as much exciting as the real act
      3. read/search/discuss together of new ideas or wonderings
      4. share fantasies
      5. accept one's body and be conscious of it
      6. observe/understand the partner's body and needs (just like with your own!)
    3. avoidance of any sort of possesive/repressive behavior
      1. jealousy is unhealthy and groundless
      2. restrictions most of the times cause detachment and rejection
      3. Avoidance of unhealthy symbiosis
  2. caring behavior
    1. being conscious/aware of the partners interests/tastes/preferences and respect them
    2. offer support and consolation but not as a mere "weeping wall"
      1. Avoid whining ;)
    3. do always what seems to be better for you and your partner
      1. discuss every time in order to better understand decisions and attitudes that might not be clear without a proper "light" ---> frank communication!
  3. stimulated growing
    1. grow together but still separately -
      1. remember always: him/her that i love i wish to be free, even from me
      2. always seek first it's own dreams and purposes
      3. be a realized person in order to be able to help others
    2. be interested in each other life/work
      1. help each other by providing ideas and different points of view
      2. challenge each other in always new tasks and objectives
    3. be conscious of your environment
      1. See what surrounds you and adapt yourself
      2. Follow your own principles and respect your partner's ones
    4. seize the day!
      1. Planning really few things together and be always ready to catch the best opportunities at the right moment

To do

  • build an encompassing visual
    • a path to an improving situation, an ever growing trail for one and two and more
  • Be less serious for Christ sake, it's about pleasure!
  • Add scientific references
    • just kidding ... or not?
  • avoid this/that forms