Nearly every single time I present a topic and use this website for the slides, I get asked that very same question:

  • Why do you put all this content online?
    • First and foremost, the people it allowed me to meet. I have already meet several people online and offline to exchange on content I published here. That in itself is good enough for me.
    • I receive feedback from others, not just typos or links but also suggestions on the general principles, thus helping on improving the content and step back from time to time.
    • From what I understand, if you do not put content on the Internet, it is worth literally nothing. To me this website is one way amongst other to modestly contribute to how the Internet works. I am conscious that it is a needle in a haystack completely covered by (slightly converted) mass media, but at least, it is my needle! ;)
  • Do you put your name on it?
    • Yes, every page has in the title and in its URL my name. I try to be as clear regarding attribution and even inspiration as my memory allows me too. All pages also have on the side a CC-BY license inviting others to re-use the content as they see fit.
  • What could a potential investor or head of human resources think about all this?
    • I hope he or she finds it interesting enough to trust me more. Overall I do not think the content is specifically radical or critical but one also has to remember that it reflects a way of thinking at that moment, it could have changed since something was written, after all that is what personal growth implies.
  • Do you have no privacy?
    • I do not put everything online. You most likely can see just a part of what I decide to put online and that part does not include private discussions with others, financial status, health status, etc. What is in general consider to be in the private sphere. I describe this principle a bit in OurPIM:Papers/PrivacySettings
  • Are you not showing too much on controversial topic?
    • What is controversial really depends on your culture, in some culture showing your legs is outrageous, in others it is appreciated, especially during spring.
  • Do you actually think the quality is high enough to be published?
    • I am the first to say that what I am writing can be wrong, that is precisely why I am welcoming feedback. This is on-going process and I do hope to progress over time thus making what I wrote before false. If everything had to be true to the epistemological sense, nothing at all, including scientific publications from the most prestigious revue, would be published at all.
  • Are you not afraid of just adding noise to the already very small signal we have?
    • Based on the paradigm of search, if your ranking is correct I should not interfere with what you consider to be quality content or not.


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